We Produce IA, AB, IB & BC Quality.

Specifications are as under

AB Quality Strong texture 60% sheep & 40% goat Pakistani material. Natural white color good smell no dark pieces Small pieces not less than 2meter / 16-18 Ends / 90 Meter.

IA Quality Strong texture 99% sheep, Afghani material. Natural white color good smell no dark pieces Small pieces not less than 2Meter / 16Ends / 90 Meter, 3Meter / 14Ends / 90 Meter & 5Meter / 12Ends / 90 Meter

IB Quality During the selection of Afghani material IB quality selected about 85% sheep and 15% goat casings. 2Meter / 16Ends / 90 Meter

BC QualityReceive During selection of Afghani and Pakistani material. Small pieces not less than 2Meter / 20-21Ends / 90 Meter. 1 or 2 pinholes are allowed in long pieces and small sprinkles in strong pieces. No fragile and blow up spots in casings.





SHEEP CAPS The caecum or blind gut has an average length of 50cm and diameter of 05 cm. Caecums are substantially processed in the same way as beef middles. Sheep Caps are used for stuffing cooked sausages Foods etc. Their diameter varies from 35mm to 70 mm. Sheep Caps are sold by the piece, with 50-100 pieces per bundle OR according to customer requirements.




tube-unsaltTUBE CASING Company starts tubing process from 2011 and now supplying several quantities of tube casings in domestic & international market.

Tube casing came first before filling sausages. Each strand of tube casings is shirred on a tube to allow one-step loading of the casing directly on the sausage filling horn. This speeds up production. Tubing is just like art in itself before modernization tubing has been done manually by hands but after industrial revolution technology speed up process of tube casing and now lot of tubing machines are available in the market. But even till now on small scale business tubing has been done by hand. Size of tube is very important factor at the time of tube casing otherwise it will affect filling process and quality of the sausages also. Hear Below is a table through which we can show you which size of tube we used for every caliber.




BEEF CASINGS beef casings are tougher than hog casings and should be soaked in water longer. When making fermented sausages beef casings also have a higher tendency to become slimy during fermentation or the drying stage. This is a minor inconvenience and the slime is simply wiped off.

  • Beef rounds – are the small intestines and derive their name from their characteristic “ring” or “round” shape.

  • Beef middles – are the large and straight intestines.

  • Beef bungs – are used for making large sausages like mortadella or large bologna.

  • Beef bladders – are the largest casings and will hold up to 14 lbs. (6.5 kg) of sausage. They are used for mortadella, pepperoni and minced ham sausages.